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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Love Stories: Chris+Brandie Lincoln, NE Wedding Photographer

I had the old theme to the Almond Joy/Mounds commercials running through my head this afternoon. Sometimes you feel like a… Black and White, sometimes you don’t! I rarely change outdoor photos to a monochromatic tone, but I thought these looked absolutely stunning with the extra contrast so I tweaked them a bit and decided […]

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“Tailored Trio” Summer Session Special

With summer’s busy schedules, don’t miss this easy, limited-time opportunity to capture your family’s growth. For those lifestyles that need something quick and to the point, we have created our Tailored Trio just for you. A one-time deal, Tailored Trio takes place on three dates, at three different locations, and with three themes to choose […]

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Hitched: Justin+Sarah Lincoln, NE Wedding Photographer

First Plymouth was the perfect background for this Perfect couple! Sarah is so incredibly lucky to have TWO sentimental men in her life. Justin is such a romantic at heart and had a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent over to Sarah the morning of the wedding. Her father,also a softy himself,could barely look at Sarah […]

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Seniors: Alex 2012

Twenty Twelve… How is it possible that just moments following graduation ceremonies we are already working with next year’s senior class?  Alex kicked off our season for us last month out in the great city of North Platte, NE!, and as you can see, didn’t mind getting a little wet during the session.  Alex used […]

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