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  • Hi there, thanks for stopping by! We are a portrait and design studio located in Lincoln, Nebraska. We specialize in capturing the milestones of your life, from the birth of your child, through their wedding day, and each important moment along the way. No matter what stage of life is approaching, we would be happy to have you in front of our lens. Take a look around, and if you like what you see, simply call our studio to schedule your portrait consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Flour Dance!

Very limited sessions available for dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders and athletes featuring the beauty of flour in motion. Don’t miss your chance to express your passion though light and movement in these epic portraits. Email me today at to schedule your session.


Flour portraits for dance, gymnastics, cheer and sports

Flour portraits for dance, gymnastics, cheer and sports

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Something EPIC is coming!


























There something VERY big coming to senior portraits at Images for a Lifetime this year. REALLY big. It’s so big, I’m having trouble finding a good way to put it into words.

Let’s just put it this way…are you a junior who would:

  • enjoy spending your senior year being part of a creative, collaborative team
  • participate in up to 14 themed and styled photoshoots throughout the year
  • be featured in all of my senior marketing materials and videos
  • go on a weekend destination photo shoot
  • be the main event at a city-wide charity ball
  • be entered into national image competitions?

Yes? Who wouldn’t want to be part of something this epic? What if you don’t LIKE getting your picture taken that much? My team has opportunities for those that don’t relish the limelight as much, too! Maybe you would prefer to:

  • assist on photo shoots
  • learn lighting and photography technique and assist on group photo shoots
  • help produce videos of team photo sessions for marketing and social media
  • help keep my blog updated and social media images released
  • assist with session styling by coordinating or even making wardrobe pieces, finding props, building sets, etc

I’m looking for a team of committed, positive, DIVERSE and creative juniors who are open to new ideas and are willing to stretch themselves this year. This is about senior pictures, yes, but it’s going to be so much more than that! Because this is so new and involves so much of a time commitment on my part, I’m asking that anyone who is interested attend a parent/junior meeting to hear all about it and learn what’s involved. If you were even considering having me do your senior pictures this year, I PROMISE you, you want to attend one of these meetings and hear what this is all about.

Meetings will take place in March. I need my team to be set and the first themed sessions taking place in late March/early April, so there will be no opportunities to join the team later in the year. Email me at if you’re interested in attending an informational meeting. I’ll reply with an invite to a specific meeting date and time. I can’t wait to hear from you. I KNOW that once you have a chance to learn about this epic new adventure, you’ll be as excited to begin as I am!

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Party On, April!




Last year, we reintroduced the photo party with great success. Our new photo parties are fast, budget friendly and fun…and just like photo parties in the past, hostesses are able to reap some wonderful photo benefits. Some of our best parties this past fall were hosted by photo party “veterans”…hostesses from 5+ years ago who had hosted photo parties the “old” way and wanted to give it a try the “new” way.

What they found is that our new photo parties bring back the value, convenience and excitement of the old photo parties, but with a very important digital twist…selection is immediate on a linked ipad, and instead of purchasing printed portraits, guests and hostesses receive full resolution digital files with print rights.

If you have:

  1. never heard of a photo party
  2. attended a photo party years ago but have never been to a new, digital photo party or
  3. hosted a photo party in the past but are not sure what would be involved in hosting a photo party new digital photo party

…then April is YOUR month! Each weekend in April, Images for a Lifetime is hosting photo party sessions to allow you to come in, experience the digital photo party process, ask any questions you might have, and decide if hosting a photo party this summer or fall might be a way for you to earn your fall family portraits for free!


  • Come experience a NEW digital photo party session!
  • Ask any questions you have about hosting a party.
  • Receive your HOSTESS BONUS if you schedule in APRIL to host a 2014 Images for a Lifetime photo party.
  • No risk or obligation to purchase.

Sunday, April 13: 1-4 pm

Saturday, April 19: 10am – 2pm

Sunday, April 27: 1-4 pm

Just call or email to reserve your time. That’s it! We’ll chat a bit about what your goal is for your session, and make sure that a photo party session is the right kind way to meet that goal. Hope to see you there!

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All About Moyra!

Sometimes people ask me what my favorite type of session is. It’s hard to choose. I really do like the quick sessions with a few rowdy kids where I can be loud and crazy and capture some fun images in a short amount of time. I love newborns and the quiet, patient nature of those sessions. I like the fun and energy of senior sessions. I even like big family group sessions when I can win grumpy grandpa over by teasing him a bit and making him laugh! However, if I had to pick one session that just makes my heart sing, it would have to be our little known and far undervalued “All About Me” session. This is a 1+ hour session plus a book, focusing on one child and their personality at one moment in time.

This session has a little bit of everything. It’s longer, so it takes patience. It’s generally with younger kids, so it’s silly and unpredictable. It’s creative and motivating, because you’re always trying to draw out each child’s true personality. One customer who does “All About Me” sessions for each of her children every year is Amanda H. Amanda isn’t on an unlimited budget. The “All About Me” sessions, with an investment of $700 per session for the session and the custom 8×8″ book, are not an insignifcant amount of money for her to spend 3 times a year. However, she’ll tell you in her own words why these sessions are so worth it to her:

As a busy mom of three young kids, I appreciate and look forward to their annual “All About Me” sessions with Images for a Lifetime. The sessions represent the rare opportunity for me to spend some quality one-on-one time with my child.  In the rigamarole of daily life – work, laundry, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, and so on (you all get it – you’re parents!) – it seems the opportunities to focus on one child at a time, with my full attention, are few and far between.  When my children were infants I, like many parents I know, had the best intentions of keeping up with their baby books and documenting every passing moment of their being.  Honestly, I’ve failed miserably with that, so another reason I love the “All About Me” sessions is they help me to document the unique personalities my children are growing into each year.  Not only do the photos themselves capture this, but we also record in their album things like their favorite color, favorite foods, favorites sayings, and more.  As my oldest, Moyra, just turned five, it’s fun for me to look back at this little library of “All About Me” albums and watch how she has grown and changed in a few short years.  My husband and I find ourselves remembering and laughing at the things she used to do when she was two, three, and even one short year ago.  Without these sessions, I know I wouldn’t have documented those things, and therefore, the memory would be lost.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Look, I take photos of my kids all of the time with my phone and camera, so I’ve got a good history of who they are and when.”  You know what? I do too.  But there’s something different about a professional session, with a professional photographer whose expertise is getting your child to express who they are in that moment, and having it compiled into one album to stamp that moment in time.  Is it an investment?  Absolutely.  Is it one I will ever regret making?  Not a chance.

-Amanda H, Omaha, NE

I’ve been following and taking pictures of Moyra and her younger brother and sister since Moyra was 18 months old. The pictures shown above were from her 5-year session in March, so I don’t have this year’s “All About Me” book designed yet, but take a look at Moyra’s 4-year album, to get a feel for how these sessions are so much more then just pictures! They really are an in-depth visual representation of who this child is at this moment in time. Priceless!

Call or email today if you’re interested in a FREE CONSULTATION to talk about what kind of “All About Me” session we could dream up together for your child!

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