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“Pride and Prejudice” themed shoot makes the Top 10!

I’m super excited to announce that out of my three different Winter themed photo shoots that my SEEN team did in November, one of them was selected as a top 10 entry to be featured nationally on the We are the Seen website, and of the other two entries that didn’t make the top ten, one image from each theme was selected to be featured on the website as well in the “On the SEEN” gallery (basically the runners-up). I’m super proud of my team for braving the cold and windy conditions, helping me set up the “snowy path” and all of the unknowns that went along with that, and being willing to really get out their comfort zones to allow Claudia and Lindsay to take the hair and makeup concepts farther than ever gone before.

So here’s a shout-out to Ben, Jake, Amanda & Erica for their participation in my Pride and Prejudice/blustery winter themed session. They looked amazing despite cold temps and crazy wind, and helped bring to life one some of my very favorite literary characters. This theme won a spot in the top 10.

Julia, Jala and Abigail participated in the “Hazy Shade of Winter” concept session, which drew inspiration from 80’s music videos and girl bands. Claudia and Lindsay did an amazing job on their hair and makeup, and the girls all nailed their outfits.

Sadie and Kayla went the farthest out on the limb for the “Frozen” themed session. They spent hours helping me mix and haul fake snow then had to sit for hours of hair and makeup before we finally made it out to shoot. Only one image of the four…one of Kayla alone…made it into the On the SEEN gallery, but I was proud of all of the images submitted, and just loved getting creative and pushing the envelope with all three of the Winter themed sessions.





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