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As a busy mom of three young kids, I appreciate and look forward to their annual “All About Me” sessions with Images for a Lifetime. The sessions represent the rare opportunity for me to spend some quality one-on-one time with my child.  In the rigamarole of daily life – work, laundry, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, and so on (you all get it – you’re parents!) – it seems the opportunities to focus on one child at a time, with my full attention, are few and far between.  When my children were infants I, like many parents I know, had the best intentions of keeping up with their baby books and documenting every passing moment of their being.  Honestly, I’ve failed miserably with that, so another reason I love the “All About Me” sessions is they help me to document the unique personalities my children are growing into each year.  Not only do the photos themselves capture this, but we also record in their album things like their favorite color, favorite foods, favorites sayings, and more.  As my oldest, Moyra, just turned five, it’s fun for me to look back at this little library of “All About Me” albums and watch how she has grown and changed in a few short years.  My husband and I find ourselves remembering and laughing at the things she used to do when she was two, three, and even one short year ago.  Without these sessions, I know I wouldn’t have documented those things, and therefore, the memory would be lost.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Look, I take photos of my kids all of the time with my phone and camera, so I’ve got a good history of who they are and when.”  You know what? I do to.  But there’s something different about a professional session, with a professional photographer whose expertise is getting your child to express who they are in that moment, and having it compiled into one album to stamp that moment in time.  Is it an investment?  Absolutely.  Is it one I will ever regret making?  Not a chance. -Amanda Harrington


Thank you so much Erica! You are the best!  I was talking to a friend of mine about senior pictures.  She was unhappy with theirs and the fact that she was given a disc and now she doesn’t know where to get a really nice print for her home.  I bragged you up! I guess most photographers around here (Marysville, KS) just give you a disc and you are on your own!  I cannot tell you how happy I am with your full service !  I really didn’t know how much I would appreciate it until I experienced it!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!  -Liz Frese

When my daughter was one year old, we were referred to Images for a Lifetime by a good friend.  We have never looked back!  Not only does Erica take it upon herself to capture the personalities of my children, she also works extremely hard to create backgrounds and settings that make each experience original and unique. The “Meet-Me-At-The-Park” session we did with our 18-month old was not only convenient for us, but also captured her unique personality at a local spot.  Not only did it make the location of the photo shoot easy for us, it was also very relevant to our community and hobbies. When she turned two, we did an “All About Me” session.  Wow!  She has a BIG personality and Erica caught every aspect of it.  I haven’t been as diligent as I would like regarding her baby book, and I so appreciate that this session captured my daughter’s likes, dislikes and experiences to a “T”.  ~Amanda Harrington

Kenyon’s senior portrait session with Erica was wonderful!  She quickly put him at ease (he does not like having his picture taken), and we had a great time.  Erica was able to get him laughing, and he became more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.   Erica had great, creative ideas, and we ended up with awesome pictures!   The photos at sunset on the prairie are absolutely stunning!   Thanks, Erica!  ~Lynette Koenig

We have used Images for a Lifetime exclusively for over 5 years now.  We have a special needs daughter who makes photo taking a big challenge for us. One look at the pictures from our photo shoot with Erica at Images for a Lifetime was all we needed to become lifelong clients!  She took time to capture our kids in their element and make them comfortable regardless of their individual nuances. But where our hearts really melted was seeing the finished result in our holiday cards and special collages.  The design staff are masters at taking an assortment of pictures and turning them into a work of art.  We have received countless comments on our cards each year and we look just as forward to seeing them year after year. Thanks for the great work you do and for taking our difficulty and turning it into a great joy each season.  You have assembled an amazing team and we will always be satisfied clients!  ~Tim and Julie Vasquez

Images of a Lifetime was the experience of a lifetime!  Our energetic and professional photographer managed to capture the most beautiful pictures of all 20 of us.  The staff that helped us choose our photos and photo arrangements was knowledgeable and customer focused!  I would recommend Images for a Lifetime to anyone and everyone for all events, big and small!  All in all, it was a wonderfully rewarding time!  ~Traci Norum

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