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  • Hi there, thanks for stopping by! We are a portrait and design studio located in Lincoln, Nebraska. We specialize in capturing the milestones of your life, from the birth of your child, through their wedding day, and each important moment along the way. No matter what stage of life is approaching, we would be happy to have you in front of our lens. Take a look around, and if you like what you see, simply call our studio to schedule your portrait consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fall Mini Session Schedule

Fall Mini Sessions are here! Choose from a 15 or 30 minute session on any of these dates and locations. Email to book your fall mini session!

Mini Session pricing and policies 2016

15-minute mini-session: I’ve combined my 10-min and 20-minute mini-session options, done away with the $50 session fee in the 20-minute mini-session, and now offer a super simple 15-minute mini session for $250. This session includes 15 minutes of photography time (1-2 goals) and 10 digital files that I choose for you and transmit to you via Dropbox within 2 weeks of your session. No muss, no fuss…a perfect session for a family on a tighter budget and schedule.

30-minute mini-session: My 30-minute mini-session remains basically the same as years past…it’s still a $500 fee, but this year I’ve made it much simpler. You can select the digital option and I’ll choose my favorite 20 images and transmit them to you via Dropbox within 2 weeks of your session OR you can select the full-service print option, and you get to meet with me 2-3 weeks after your session to view your pictures and order your full-service prints, using your entire $500 pre-pay toward your order!


**SCHEDULE UPDATE** The October 2nd afternoon session has been moved from Holmes Lake to OMAHA. I’ll be shooting on that Sunday afternoon at a park in west Omaha, the exact park is still to be determined! Email me for details.

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May mini Flash Sale!

To celebrate the end of grad season for me, and the beginning of summer and good weather for us all, I’ve decided to offer a flash sale for mini sessions this weekend and Memorial Weekend! For two weekends only, get DOUBLE the digital files for the price of my regular 15-minute mini-session! Spots are very limited, and they’ll go quickly, so EMAIL me today to snag your session time.


  • Saturday, May 21:  4-7 pm Holmes Lake meadow
  • Sunday, May 22:  4-7 pm Private Acreage
  • Saturday, May 28:  5-7:30 Holmes Lake meadow
  • Sunday, May 29:  3-6 pm Private Acreage


What: 15-minute mini-session (appropriate for single family, kids, siblings…anything but large family groups). 15-minute mini-sessions are intended for 1-2 photo goals. Have more than 2 goals? Upgrade to a 30-minute mini session, and for $500, get not the usual 20 but 40 digital files!

Where: Holmes Lake meadow or Private Acreage, see locations listed by date

Fee: $250 for the 15-minute session plus not the usual 10 but  20 digital files! Files will be chosen by Images for a Lifetime and transferred to you within 2 weeks of your session. 


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“Pride and Prejudice” themed shoot makes the Top 10!

I’m super excited to announce that out of my three different Winter themed photo shoots that my SEEN team did in November, one of them was selected as a top 10 entry to be featured nationally on the We are the Seen website, and of the other two entries that didn’t make the top ten, one image from each theme was selected to be featured on the website as well in the “On the SEEN” gallery (basically the runners-up). I’m super proud of my team for braving the cold and windy conditions, helping me set up the “snowy path” and all of the unknowns that went along with that, and being willing to really get out their comfort zones to allow Claudia and Lindsay to take the hair and makeup concepts farther than ever gone before.

So here’s a shout-out to Ben, Jake, Amanda & Erica for their participation in my Pride and Prejudice/blustery winter themed session. They looked amazing despite cold temps and crazy wind, and helped bring to life one some of my very favorite literary characters. This theme won a spot in the top 10.

Julia, Jala and Abigail participated in the “Hazy Shade of Winter” concept session, which drew inspiration from 80’s music videos and girl bands. Claudia and Lindsay did an amazing job on their hair and makeup, and the girls all nailed their outfits.

Sadie and Kayla went the farthest out on the limb for the “Frozen” themed session. They spent hours helping me mix and haul fake snow then had to sit for hours of hair and makeup before we finally made it out to shoot. Only one image of the four…one of Kayla alone…made it into the On the SEEN gallery, but I was proud of all of the images submitted, and just loved getting creative and pushing the envelope with all three of the Winter themed sessions.





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Fall Park Schedule-UPDATED 10/10


Schedule your 10, 20 or 30-minute mini-session in October or November. Some weeknight sessions also available upon request. If you’re looking for a more personalized session, give me a call, and we’ll plan an amazing Preferred Portrait session and find a date that works best for your family.
Sunday, 10/11 – morning – Haymarket FULL
Sunday, 10/11 – afternoon – acreage – FULL
Saturday, 10/17 – morning – East Campus
Saturday, 10/17 – afternoon – acreage (2 spots left at 3:00 and 3:30)
Sunday, 10/18 – morning – Haymarket (1 spot left at 9:30)
Sunday, 10/18 – afternoon – OMAHA Old Market – (1 spot left at 3:30)
Saturday, 10/24 – morning – East Campus
Saturday, 10/24 – afternoon – Holmes Lake
Sunday, 10/25 – morning – Haymarket
Sunday, 10/25 – afternoon – Acreage
Saturday, 10/31 – morning – East Campus
Sunday, 11/1 – late morning – Haymarket
Sunday, 11/1 – afternoon – Holmes Lake (+1 sunset session)


Session pricing for fall sessions:
Images for a Lifetime is committed to offering session options for a wide range of needs; from a quick updated family picture to an artistic, expansive personalized session complete with location and wardrobe consultation, wall art and albums. Our flexible session lengths as well as digital and print options allow you to choose the session that best fits your need and budget! For any of the park sessions listed above, you can choose from the following session lengths and options:

10-minute session: $150, 1 main goal, 5 digital files with full print rights that you choose immediately following your sessions. File package upgrades available. This session was added in to meet the needs of the most budget-concious. 5 amazing images that you have the rights to print on your own, as large and as many as your want!
20-minute session: $300, 2 main goals, 10 digital files or $250 full-service print credit. This session is closest to our old Mini-Session, with a $50 built-in session fee, but now a choice between a full-service print order or 10 digital files with full print rights.
30-minute session: $500, 3 main goals, 20 digital files or $400 full-service print credit. This session is closest to our former “Meet Me at the Park” session, with a $100 session fee built in, and now a choice between a regular full-service print order or 20 digital files that you have full rights to.
1+ hour Preferred Portrait session: $200 session fee, $600 order minimum. You get to choose the time and session location that work best for you. Never rushed, this session gives us the freedom to shoot for art and fun, going beyond just portraits into the realm of photographic storytelling. These sessions are amazingly stress-free and creative, and while the investment is a little more, they’re worth every penny!

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